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ieport.com-Customs Circulars-2004

Circular No Dated Subject
Instructions 31.12.2004 Filing of Import Manifest before Arrival of the vessel or aircraft- Regarding
Textile-Quota 24.12.2004 Customs Instructions on Textile quota regime
Cir-62 29.10.2004 Warehousing – Waiver of interest on the Customs duty - Delegation of powers to Chief Commissioners of Customs & Central Excise
Cir-61 28.10.2004 Importability of Boric Acid
Cir-60 26.10.2004 Clearance of imported metal scraps–Procedure regarding.
Cir-59 21.10.2004 Foreign Trade Policy, 2004-2009 – Changes made in Advance License, DFRC, EPCG, and DEPB Schemes, etc. – reg.
Cir-58 21.10.2004 Revised Norms for Execution of Bond and Bank Guarantee under Advance License and EPCG Schemes – reg.
Cir-57 21.10.2004 Eligibility of DEPB benefit on exports in cases where the inputs have been procured under DEPB Scheme – reg.
Cir-56 18.10.2001 Clearance of imported metal scraps – Procedure regarding.
Cir-55 14.10.2004 Debonding by EOU/EHTP/STP Units
Cir-54 13.10.2004 Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) announced on 31.8.2004- Amendment of notifications relating to EOU and Gems and Jewellery Export Promotion Schemes
Cir-53 13.10.2004 Waiver of filing GR forms for exports of value below US $ 25,000 under Foreign Exchange Management Regulations
Cir-52 7.10.2004

Bank Guarantee for transshipment of import & export cargo from Gateway Ports to Feeder Ports/ICDs/CFSs and vice versa-regarding

Cir-48 24.8.2004 Drawal of Samples of Raw Silk Imported from China by 100% EOU/SEZ
Cir-47 13.8.2004 Administrative     control over ICDs/CFSs-reg
Cir-46 26.7.2004

Monitoring of Export Obligation under EPCG Scheme – regarding.

Cir-45 5.7.2004  Import of non-standard tapes – instructions-reg.
Cir-44 22.6.2004 Transfer of Supreme Court cases pertaining to Customs to Legal Cell of the CBEC
Cir-42 10.6.2004

Clarifications on Customs House Agents Licensing Regulations, 2004 – Regarding

Cir-41 7.6.2004 Levy of National Calamity Contingent duty under the Finance Act, 2003
Cir-40 4.6.2004 Concessional rate of duty on import of Gold & Silver under NTF. No. 62/2004-CUS., DT.12/05/2004
Cir-39 3.6.2004 Implementation of    provisions of  clause (3), sub-clause (22) of  Plant Quarantine (Regulation of  Import into India) Order, 2003
Cir-36 24.5.2004 Posting of Cost Recovery Officer in EOU/EHTP/STP   Regarding 
Cir-35 20.5.2004 Procedure for disposal of unclaimed/ uncleared cargo under section 48 of the Customs Act, 1962 lying with the custodians ,whether Public Sector or Private Sector, at Air Cargo Complexes/Ports/ICDs/CFSs -regarding
Cir-34 13.5.2004 Filing of  Import Manifest before  arrival of  the vessel or  aircraft –reg. 
Cir-33 12.5.2004 Operationalisation of the Provision of Chapter X A of the Customs Act, 1962- Issuance of SEZ Rules and Regulations- Reg
Cir-32 11.5.2004 Customs Valuation Rules, 1988 – Determination of assessable value for goods sold on high seas
Cir-31 26.4.2003 Related to import of hazardous wastes
Cir-30 16.4.2004 Filing of  Import Manifest before  arrival of  the vessel or  aircraft -reg
Cir-27 6.4.2004

Appointment of  custodian for Air  Cargo Complex  and Seaports-regarding

Cir-26 31.3.2004

Levy of CVD on various types of gums, lacs and resins etc. under CETH 13.01 - reg

Cir-24 18.3.2004 Whether refunds arising out  of  Customs assessments should  be taken up by filing a refund application or  by challenging the original assessment orders-reg
Cir-23 15.3.2004

Testing of imported textile/textile articles for its composition and hazardous dyes-reg

Cir-22 3.3.2004

Delay in release of consignments due to classification disputes, seizure and provisional release thereof-reg

Cir-21 27.2.2004 Fixing of ‘Single Day” for release of “ Public Notice” by  field  formations-reg.
Cir-20 27.2.2004 Piecemeal Queries  on Bills  of Entries/Shipping Bills by the  field  formations -reg.
Cir-19 26.2.2004 Misuse/abuse of DEPB Scheme by M/s. S.S. Watch Industries, Jaipur and others
Cir-18 20.2.2004 Scope of Notification No. 32/97-Cus. for jobbing-reg.
Cir-17 20.2.2004 Classification of CPU Cooler Fan with Heat sink-reg
Cir-16 16.2.2004 Administrative control over100% (EOUs)/EHTP/STP and SEZ Units – regarding
Cir-15 16.2.2004 Filing of  Import Manifest before  arrival of  the vessel or  aircraft -reg
Cir-14 13.2.2004 Depreciation admissible in respect of Capital Goods to EOU/EHTP/STP
Cir-13 12.2.2004

Post-audit of fixation of brand rates– regarding.

Cir-12 05.02.2004

DFCEC Scheme for Service Providers - importability of capital goods/equipments under DFCEC Scheme for Service Providers-reg.

Cir-11 5.2.2004

Admissibility of DEPB benefits in respect of supplies made by DTA Units to SEZ Units -reg.

Cir-10 30.1.2004 DFCEC Scheme for Service Providers – importability of capital goods/equipments under DFCEC Scheme for Service Providers – reg.
Cir-09 29.1.2004

Revision of  All Industry Rates of Drawback, 2003-2004- reg.

Cir-08 28.1.2004

Debonding of EOU/EHTP/STP units 

Cir-06 27.1.2004 Duty Free Import/ procurement by Trading Units - Amendments in the Notifications relating to EOU/ETHP/STP schemes – Reg.
Cir-05 21.1.2004 Correction of error in the spelling of a drug under notification No.21/2002-Customs dated 1-3-2002.
Cir-04 16.1.2004 Conversion of free shipping bills into Advance License/DEPB/DFRC/Drawback shipping bills and conversion of shipping bills from one export promotion scheme to another
Cir-03 12.1.2004 Revised All Industry Rates of Duty Drawback, 2003-2004 in respect of Knitwears and Knitted Garments–- regarding.
Cir-02 8.1.2004 Admissibility of duty drawback to the supplies effected by DTA Units to Special Economic Zones
Cir-01 5.1.2004

Withdrawal of Board’s Circular No.618/9/2002-CX, dated 13-2-2002- Removal of Goods by 100% EOU to DTA-Clarification Regarding Levy of duty on Removal of Goods by 100% EOU to DTA