DGFT Policy Circulars(2002-2003)


Circular No Date Subject

DGFT Policy clarification on enhancement of DFRC Licence

Cir-21 18.3.2003

Retrospective effect of the criteria permitting 25% BG for manufacturer exporters having an export turnover of less than Rs 1 crore

Cir-20 12.3.2003

Procedure relating to import of Plastic Waste/Scrap.

Cir-19 6.3.2003 Classification of Mefloquine Hcl under ITS HS Classification for export of import items.
Cir-18 7.2.2003 Placement of quantity of 8,500 MTs of Raw sugar from the freesale quota of 2002-2003 season (October to September) for export of Preferential Raw Cane sugar Tariff Rate Quota for the fiscal year 2003 (October 1, 2002 to September 30, 2003 ) to USA.
Cir-17 9.1.2003 Base for computation of the DEPB rate when the exchange rate on the date of “let export” exceeds the actual realisation rate
19.12.2002 Export to Iraq by Indian exporters in the capacity of 3rd party exporters under, UN Food for Oil Program under para 2.2 of Handbook of Procedure, under proper UN Sanctions Committee approval.
Cir-16 24.12.2002

Acceptance of Third Party Exports under various Export Promotion Schemes

Cir-15 12.12.2002

Exchange rate to be adopted for hard currencies not mentioned in the Department of Revenue Notification

ALC-02 3.12.2002 Import of garlic against Export of garlic products under Duty Exemption Scheme
Cir-14 27.11.2002 Import of Items like carpets, crockery, marble, Chandelier etc under the EPCG scheme  by service providers
Cir-13 14.11.2002 Amendment in policy for import of Barley-other than seed quality
Cir-12 1.11.2002 (a) third party exports under the EDI shipping bill , (b) Counting of payment received through ECGC cover for fulfilment of export obligation even in case of old applications (c) Application by branch office of registered exporters for benefits under the Exim Policy (d) settlement of all cases where surrender of SIL was mandated
Cir-11 12.8.2002

Clarification on silver jewellery export in terms of Para 4.4.5(b) of the Exim Policy

Cir-10 1.8.2002

Denomination of export contracts, reduced threshold for EH status &  replenishment licence

Letter 24.7.2002 Enhancement of cif value of Annual Advance Licence within the entitlement limit
Letter 24.7.2002 Refund of Deemed Export benefits on supply to Maharashtra State Electricity Board (MSEB) for execution of Maharashtra Power Projects in the wake of withdrawal of World Bank loan For these Projects- World Bank Loan No.   3498-IN.
Cir-09 18.7.2002 Import of Natural rubber under DEPB scheme - regarding.
Cir-08 16.7.2002 Public Notice No. 3 dated 31.3.97 – condition of “No Sale Period – 5 years” on vehicle imported thereunder – Clarification regarding redemption of Bond within No Sale Period by RLAs.
Cir-07 11.7.2002

Condonation of procedural lapse of not mentioning EPCG Licence No. and date on the shipping bills relating to exports effected for fulfillment of EO.

Cir-06 27.6.2002 1) Application by branch office of Registered exporters for Deemed export benefits
2) Endorsement by RLA’s for automatic extension of Status upto 31.03.2004 for Golden Certificate and other status holders
3) Retrospective effect to certain changes in the Exim Policy 2002-07
Cir-05 21.6.2002 Export of 10,000 MTs of White Sugar under preferential quota to EU for the year 2002-2003



Countries covered under LAC/ CIS and Africa for reduced export performance criteria for achieving  export house status

Cir-03 24.5.2002 Export of 10,000 MTs of Raw Cane Sugar under SPS quota to EU for the year 2002-2003.


16.4.2002 Import of crude drugs, listed at licensing note no. 2 at the end of Chapter   12  of ITC(HS) Classification.


31.3.2002 Condition on import of textile and textile articles as per paragraph 11 of chapter 1A: General notes regarding import policy of ITC(HS) Classifications of Export and Import Items, 2002-2007.