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Cir-82 20.12.2001

Duty free import of embellishments upto 3% of FOB value of exports permitted to exporters of textile garments in terms of Entry S.Nos.156 and 156A of amended Notification No.17/2001

Cir-81 12.12.2001


Cir-80 10.12.2001 Duty Drawback on Heat Resistant Latex Rubber Thread/ Tape under SS Nos. 40.06 and 40.07 – regarding.
Cir-79 7.12.2001 Transhipment of cargo from gateway ports to other ports/ICDs/CFSs – issuance of transhipment permit
Cir-78 7.12.2001 Bank guarantee for transhipment of cargo from gateway ports to feeder ports/ICDs/CFSs 
Cir-77 7.12.2001 Market verification of Ready – made Garments for duty drawback disbursement
Cir-76 7.12.2001 Eligibility of `Colonoscope' for benefit of notification No.17/2001-Cus., (Sl.No.348: List 29: Item No. 82)
Cir-75 5.12.2001 Movement of export cargo from one part to another by rail - reg
Cir-74 4.12.2001 DTA Clearance of Goods Procured by EOUs/EPZ/SEZ/EHTP/STP units from Indigenous Sources- Charging of Duty- Regarding
Cir-73 4.12.2001 HS - 2002 changes effective from 1.1.2002 - implementation thereof. - Reg.
Cir-72 29.11.2001 Classification of Technology Transfer Agreements (TTA) and their eligibility under Customs exemption notification as ‘printed books’. – Reg.
Cir-71 28.11.2001 Payment of Customs duty by custodians in respect of auctioned goods – reg
Cir-70 27.11.2001 Furnace Oil used in the manufacture of fertilisers – eligibility for benefit of exemption under notification No.16/2000-Cus. (Sl.No.61), presently notification No.17/2001-Cus. (Sl. No.70) – Reg
Cir-69 26.11.2001 Admissibility of All Industry Rates of Drawback to Embroidered Ready-made Garments and Quilted Made-ups
Cir-68 26.11.2001 All Industry Rates of Drawback, 2001-2002 – amendment
Cir-67 20.11.2001 Non applicability of value caps in respect of drug formulations of Sr. No.40 of the DEPB Rate List (Appendix 28A) pertaining to Chemical & Allied Product Group.
Cir-66 19.11.2001 Extending TRA (Telegraphic Release Advice) facility under DEPB Scheme to non notified places.
Cir-65 19.11.2001 Leviability of customs duty on fuel and other stores consumed on board during extension flights in domestic sector - reg
Cir-64 19.11.2001 Problems faced by Merchant Exporters regarding availment of drawback on garments - regarding.
Cir-63 12.11.2001 Seizure by CBI of foreign currency from parcels entered for export at Speed Post Centre, Gol Dak Khana, New Delhi -reg.
Cir-62 12.11.2001 Valuation of Plastic Waste & Scrap by EOU/EPZ/SEZ Units Sold / Cleared to other EOU/EPZ/SEZ Units or to the DTA Units-Reg
Cir-61 7.11.2001 Classification of CD- Rom Drives - reg.
Cir-59 1.11.2001 Taking Out of Laptop Computers Outside the Bonded Premises of EOUs and EPZ/EHTP/STP/SEZ units
Cir-56 25.10.2001 Classification of goods described as 'Magnetic Accupressure Treatment System
Cir-55 19.10.2001

Classification of CD – writer – Reg.

Cir-54 19.10.2001 Problems faced by Merchant Exporters regarding availment  of drawback on garments ­ regarding.
Cir-53 12.10.2001 Sharing of Diesel Generating Sets/Captive Power Plants, Central Air-Conditioning Equipments, Networking Equipments etc. of a STP unit by other units of the same owner under Software Technology Park Scheme
Cir-51 25.9.2001 Classification of pepper seeds imported for sowing purposes - Reg.
Cir-50 26.9.2001 Operation of foreign flag vessels along the Indian coast without a valid licence issued under the M.S. Act, 1958
Cir-48 31.8.2001

Wearing Uniform by the Staff and Officers posted at the Airport regarding.

Cir-46 10.8.2001 Clarification on tariff values in respect of Crude Palm Oil, RBD Palm Oil, and RBD Palmolein
Cir-45 7.8.2001 Classification of pedestrian controlled tractors/power tillers as rotary tillers under heading 84.32.
Cir-44 6.8.2001 Classification of certain inorganic chemicals such as, monopotassium phosphate, calcium nitrate, potassium magnesium phosphate as fertiliser
Cir-43 6.8.2001 Import of livestock products
Cir-42 31.7.2001 Speedy Customs clearance to avoid payment of detention/demurrage charges.
Cir-41 23.7.2001 Joint Monitoring of the Performance of EOUs and EPZ/SEZ units by the Development Commissioners   and the Commissioner of Customs/Central Excise
Cir-40 13.7.2001 Clearance of vegetable oils imported for industrial purposes at concessional rate of duty under notification No.17/2001-Cus., dated 1.3.2001
Cir-39 6.7.2001

Extension of Brand Rate of Drawback Scheme to exports under DEPB Scheme against DEPB-cum-Drawback shipping bills

Cir-38 25.6.2001

All Industry Rates of Drawback, 2001-2002 – Amendment- regarding 

Cir-37 18.6.2001

CVD Leviable on Candles Imported into India

Cir-36 15.6.2001

Customs Clearance Procedure Notified for importation of Food Articles

Cir-35 15.6.2001

Joint Monitoring of the Performance of EOUs and EPZ/SEZ units by the Development Commissioners and the Commissioner of Customs / Central Excise-Reg.

Cir-34 13.6.2001

Bank  Guarantee  for  transshipment  of  cargo  from gateway ports to Feeder ports/ICDs/CFSs- Regarding.

Cir-33 4.6.2001

Parameters and facilities for testing furnace oil / waste oil – regarding

Cir-32 31.5.2001

Daily Trade Returns – Format Revised

Cir-31 24.5.2001

Amendments in  Exim  Policy  and  Handbook  of Procedures,1997-2002   relating to Gem & Jewellery   Sector and EOU/EPZ/STP/EHTP/SEZ Scheme – Issuance of Customs/Central Excise Notifications – reg. 

Cir-30 22.5.2001 Disposal of Imported Fire Arms – reg. 
Cir-29 16.5.2001

Guidelines  for awarding  Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs) for Computer hardware/site maintenance etc. and delegation of financial powers - regarding 

Cir-28 10.5.2001 Location Codes for Customs Ports/Airports/ICDs, etc.
Cir-27 24.4.2001 Eligibility of Drawback for exports made under DFRC Scheme – reg. 
Cir-26 24.4.2001 Market verification for duty drawback disbursement/ DEPB verification – regarding. 
Cir-25 24.4.2001 Duty Drawback on Ready-made Garments in the wake of levy of Terminal Excise Duty-regarding. 
Cir-24 20.4.2001 Duty Drawback – Declaration under Rule 12(1)(a)(ii) of Drawback Rules
Cir-23 18.4.2001 Declaration under Rule 12(1) (a) (ii) of Drawback Rule for availing AIR of Drawback. 
Cir-22 17.4.2001 Consolidation of cargo at the gateway port- procedure – regarding. 
Cir-21 4.4.2001 Monitoring the pendency of Bills of Entry and Shipping Bills – Regarding.
Cir-20 30.3.2001 Import of rough diamonds and other precious or semi-precious stones under various licensing schemes of the Exim Policy in terms of notification No.35/2001-Cus. Dated 30.3.2001 Procedures-reg.
Cir-19 23.3.2001 Export of sub-standard drugs by various companies and claiming DEPB/Drawback benefits thereon.
Cir-18 19.3.2001 Logging of DEEC books for exports made through ICDs – regarding. 
Cir-17 16.3.2001 Classification of cellulose insole sheets under Central Excise Tariff
Cir-16 9.3.2001 Guidelines for the sale of seized/confiscated gold, ripe for disposal
Cir-15 5.3.2001 Export of Formulations of Bulk Drugs under DEPB Scheme.
Cir-14 2.3.2001 Regarding inclusione of ship demurrage charge in Valuation of Goods. 
Cir-13 2.3.2001 Customs claims against vehicles temporarily imported into India by tourists under carnets de passage-en-douane
Cir-12 26.2.2001 No Drawback on Polyester Ties 
Cir-11 23.2.2001  Valuation (Customs)-Cases handled by Special Valuation Branch of the Custom Houses-Review of instructions
Cir-10 23.2.2001 Duty Drawback on Readymade Garments (Ghagra-Choli, Lehnga-Choli, etc.
Cir-09 22.2.2001 Baggage Imports – Import in Commercial Quantity Not Permissible
Cir-08 20.2.2001 Duty Drawback on Processed Fabrics/Garments–Procedure for Verification of Brand Rate Applications
Cir-07 6.2.2001 Method of Calculation of Duty Leviable in Terms of Central Excise Notification No.2/95 -CE,  dated 4-1-95 on Goods Cleared into Domestic Tariff Area by EOU /EPZ /ETP /STP units
Cir-06 5.2.2001 Grant of DEPB Credit against Inadmissible Products  by Splitting the FOB Value
Cir-05 19.1.2001

Drawback on Ready-made Garments – Deduction from f.o.b. value on account of imported/indigenous hangers - regarding


18.1.2001 Imports by United Nations and its Agencies – Regarding. 


16.1.2001 All Industry Rates of Drawback in respect of man-made fabrics 
Cir-02 15.1.2001 DEPB–Parts of Telecom Transmission Equipment are not entitled DEPB
Cir-01 9.1.2001 Duty drawback on handicrafts/articles of composite materials