- DGFT Notifications (2002-2003)


Notification No Date Subject
Not-25 17.1.2003 Import of "Garlic, fresh or chilled" is free
Not-24 15.1.2003 DTA sales of non ITA-1 items under the EOU/ SEZ scheme
Not-23 10.1.2003 AMENDMENT TO NOTIFICATION NO. 21/2002-07
Not-22 9.1.2003

Conditions for “import on export basis” and “export of imported goods”

Not-21 26.12.2002 Rough Diamonds Import – Kimberley Process (KP) Certificate is Compulsory
Not-20 13.12.2002 Status holder criteria on the basis of exports in the current financial year.
Not-19 18.11.2002

Amendment in the import policy related to Clinical Thermometers

Not-18 14.11.2002 The Exim entry under ITC(HS) Code No. 44160010 in this chapter shall also include used casks and barrels
Not-17 7.11.2002

Supplies to EOU/EPZ, DTA sales, Investment criteria and other issues pertaining to the EOU/ EPZ Scheme

Not-16 8.10.2002 Advance Release Orders against an Advance Licence for Intermediate Supplies, DFRC shall also be eligible for ARO, Back-to-Back Inland Letter of Credit against an Advance Licence for Intermediate Supplies
Not-15 13.9.2002

12 Year EO Period for EPCG Licences granted to AEZ units

Not-14 21.8.2002 Policy for export of Bangalore Rose Onions
Not-13 21.8.2002
Duty drawback rates for furnace oil
Not-12 13.8.2002

Export of Muriate of Potash (MOP) is permitted against licence only

Not-11 1.8.2002

Denomination of export contracts, reduced threshold for EH status &  replenishment licence

Not-10 12.7.2002

Second hand marine containers  are freely importable

Not-09 28.6.2002

Conditions for export of onions

Not-08 20.6.2002 All Industry Rate of duty drawback for furnace oil supplied by domestic oil companies to EOU/ EPZs under deemed export scheme
Not-07 5.6.2002 Grant of DEPB benefit first supplies to SEZ
Not-06 3.6.2002 Amendments in Import Licensing note related to Import of films including films on video tape, compact video disc, laser video disc or digital video disc
Not-5 20.5.2002 Conditionality for the import of specified vehicles
Not-4 15.5.2002

Other radio communication falling under HS CODE 852520 09 not permitted to be imported except against a licence to be issued by the WPC Wing of Ministry of Communication

Not-3 1.5.2002 Amendments and corrections in the Exim Policy
Not-2 31.3.2002

Notification of ITC(HS) Classification of Export and Import Items 2002-07

Not-1 31.3.2002

Notification of the Exim Policy 2002-07