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P.N.No Date Subject
PN-73 8.3.2002 Notification of new Agri Export Zones
PN-72 1.3.2002

Fixation and modification of input output norms (Zip File)

PN-71 22.2.2002

Application for certification of Export Performance of units in the pharma and biotechnology sectors by the RLA’s as per Customs Notification 10/2002

PN-70 8.2.2002 2001-2002 as a blank year in the monitoring of EOU/ EPZ/ EHTP/ STP and SEZ’s
PN-69 8.2.2002

Amendment in / Fixation of DEPB rates and other amendments in Appendices 27,31, 51 etc.

PN-68 8.2.2002

Amendment in and Notification of new AEZ’s

PN-67 1.2.2002

Fixation and modification of input output norms (zip file)

PN-66 1.2.2002

Re-fixation of  Indian Rupee value for deferred payment contracts.

PN-65 1.2.2002

Revalidation of DEPB licences for embroidered silk items

PN-64 29.1.2002

Policy for import of cinematograph films and other films(including film on video tape,compact video disc,laser video disc or digital video disc

PN-63 28.1.2002

Fixation and modification of input output norms (ZIP FILE)

PN-62 22.1.2002

Procedure for import of various items under Tariff Rate Quota(TRQ)

PN-61 8.1.2002

Extension in Date of Shipment of  Course Grain of 50000 MTs for 2001-02

PN-60 7.1.2002

Re-orientation of DEPB entries for EDI compatibility

PN-59 3.1.2002

Cotton Yarn is free for exports without any restrictions in so far as ITC(HS)Classification of Export & Import is concerned.

PN-58 1.1.2002

Fixation and modification of standard input output norms ( Zip file )

PN-57 21.12.2001 Amendments to handbook of procedures related to DEPB and deemed exports
PN-56 19.12.2002

Release of ceiling of Coarse Grains for the Year 2001-2002

PN-55 18.12.2001 Amendment / addition in DEPB rates
PN-54 5.12.2001

Amendement in the export policy for  export of fish hide and skins

PN-53 4.12.2001 Testing of imported Textile Material
PN-52 3.12.2001

Standard Input output Norms

PN-51 27.11.2001

Extension in export obligation period in respect of exports under the Gems and Jewellery sector

PN-50 13.11.2001

Amendment in DEPB rates, revalidation of expired DEPBs

PN-49 13.11.2001

Export of Coarse Grain- Extension in date of Shipment

PN-48 7.11.2001

Extension in export obligation period in respect of Advance licence

PN-47 5.11.2001

Export of Sandalwood Oil in 2001-2002

PN-46 5.11.2001

Export of Sandalwood products in 2001-2002

PN-45 1.11.2001 New/Amendments in Standard Input Output Norms (Zip file 17K)
PN-44 31.10.2001 NEW/Amendments in DEPB Rates
PN-43 19.10.2001

Various Amendments to handbook of procedures

PN-42 18.10.2001 Value caps removed From DEPB list (Down load HTML File-269 k)  ( Download Zip file-6 K)
PN-41 8.10.2001

New Agri Export Zones

PN-40 1.10.2001

New/Amendments in Standard Input Output Norms (Zip file 15K)

PN-39 1.10.2001

Last date of shipment/export of coarse grain/maize is extended  upto  31.10.2001

PN-38 1.10.2001 Import of vanaspathi and veg oils
PN-37 17.9.2001

Amendments in regularisation procedure for Advance Licences and DEPB Rate list amendments

PN-36 4.9.2001 Policy relating to import of CKD/SKD kits/components by Joint Venture Car Manufacturer companies
PN-35 3.9.2001

Standard Input Output Norms (Zip file)

PN-34 31.8.2001 Various amendments to Handbook of Procedures, New/Amendments in DEPB rates, EOU/EPZ/SEZ Policy
PN-33 7.8.2001 Amendments to Handbook of Procedures including DEPB Rates
PN-32 2.8.2001 Coarse Grain/Maize Export - Export allowed till 30/9/2001
PN-31 1.8.2001 EPCG Units permitted to Export Cotton Yarn without restrictions upto 31/12/2001
PN-30 1.8.2001 New/Amended Standard Input Output Norms(SION)
PN-29 13.7.2001

Amendments and Addition to DEPB Rate List

PN-28 10.7.2001

No Quantitative ceiling on Export of Wheat in the year 2001-2002

PN-27 5.7.2001

Various Amendments to Handbook of Procedures

PN-26 3.7.2001 Last date of shipment/export of wheat in respect of ceiling is extended upto 31st August,2001
PN-25 2.7.2001 Export of Organic Products-Last date extended upto 1.10.2001.
PN-24 2.7.2001 SION
PN-23 27.6.2001

Deemed export benefits for Eastern Region System Coordination and Control (ERSC&C) Transmission Project under Paragraph 10.2(d) of the EXIM Policy.

PN-22 25.6.2001 Export of Wheat in 2001-2002
PN-21 15.6.2001

 Various amendments in Handbook of Procedures and DEPB rate list 

PN-20 11.6.2001

New SION A-2687 to A-2693 of Chemicals

PN-19 11.6.2001 Procedures for export of ‘certified organic products
PN-18 7.6.2001 Deemed Export benefits for (i) Vindhyachal STPP Stage – II in Madhya Pradesh and (ii) Kayamkulam CCPP in Kerala, subsequent to closure of World Bank loan in March, 1999.
PN-17 7.6.2001

Export of wheat

PN-16 4.6.2001 Corrigendum to Public Notice 15 
PN-15 1.6.2001 Standard Input Output  Norms
PN-14 29.5.2001 Last date of shipment/export of  coarse grain/maize is extended  upto  31.7.2001.  
PN-13 16.5.2001

Registration-cum-allocation Certificate (RCAC) by APEDA for export of sugar treated to have been dispensed with from 1.4.2001

PN-11 1.5.2001 Various amendments to handbook including DEPB rate list
PN-10 1.5.2001 Amendments/corrections in standard input output norms
PN-9 27.4.2001 Last date of shipment/export of the quantities of coarse grain allowed for export vide the above Public Notices is extended upto 31.5.2001
PN-8 20.4.2001 Export of Sugar
PN-7 31.3.2001 The last date of shipment/export of the 20 lakh MT of Wheat obtained from FCI is extended upto 31.5.2001.
PN-6 31.3.2001 The validity period for export of sugar extended upto 31.5.2001 only for the Registration-cum-Allocation-Certificates ( RCACs ) issued till 31.3.2001.
PN-5 31.3.2001 Allocates a quantity of 10,000MTs ( Ten thousand MTs ) of Sugar out of free sale portion of 2000-2001 season’s production for export to Maldives.
PN-4 31.3.2001 Standard Input Output Norms
PN-3 31.3.2001
Guidelines for extension in export obligation period in respect of EPCG Licences
PN-2 31.3.2001 Revalidation of Advance Licences where exports have already been completed but the licenses could not be utilized on account of expiry of these licenses
PN-1 31.3.2001

Formal announcement of Handbook of procedures vol-I