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Central Excise Circulars for the year 2001

Circular No.


File No.


609/2001 26-12-2001 96/1/99-CX.I

Classification of plastic refill tubes cut to size meant for use in ball point pens.

608/2001 24-12-2001 209/34/2001-CX.6

Board’s Circular No. 586/23/2001-CX dated 12.9.2001-furnishing of security by merchant exporters-reg.

607/2001 13-12-2001 201/26/2001-CX.6

Clarification regarding return of duty paid goods for refining, re-making, etc.

606/2001 04-12-2001 4/3/2000-CX.I

Amendment of Section 11A of the Central Excise Act, 1944-effect of time barred demand reg.

605-2001 29-11-2001 209/25/2001-CX.6

Central Excise – Clarification regarding supplies of excisable goods, including fuel, without payment of duty as ship’s stores for consumption on board a vessel bound for any foreign port

604-2001 29-11-2001 209/29/2001-CX.6

Central Excise – Facility of manufacturing or processing of export goods under claim of rebate of duty paid on inputs under Notification No. 41/2001-Central Excise (N.T.) dated 26th June, 2001- Modification of Para 8.2 of the Part-V of Chapter-8 of the Central Excise Manual -

603-2001 29-11-2001 209/31/2001-CX.6

Central Excise – Export of vehicles where body is built by job-workers on the chassis sent by the exporter – Procedure for furnishing of bonds by the exporter – regarding –

602-2001 21-11-2001 209/29/2001-CX.6

Central Excise – Extending facility to merchant-exporters to get their export goods manufactured by another manufacturer/ processor under claim of rebate on duty paid on inputs under Notification No. 41/2001-Central Excise (N.T.) dated 26th June, 2001-

601-2001 20-11-2001 134/8/2001-CX.4

CE – Classification of Ready Mix Concrete – Reg.

600-2001 19-11-2001 267/68/2001-CX-8

Whether gate-passes issued prior to 1.4.94 but endorsed thereafter, subject to credit being taken on or before 30th June, 1994, are valid duty paying documents covered by the Notification No.16/94-CE(NT) dated 30.3.94-Decision of the Hon’ble High Court of Gujarat.

599-2001       267/77/2000-CX-8

Realisation of the amount paid under the provisions of the erstwhile sub-rule (1) of rule 57 CC and its retention by the manufacturers – whether the provisions of section 11 D of Central Excise Act, 1944 would get attracted in such cases.


09-11-2001 206/16/2001-CX.6
Central Excise - Covering all audits by Central Excise Officers under EA-2000 using new Audit Manual, Standard Audit Programme and Working Papers - Instructions regarding
597-2001 05-11-2001 390/254/2001-JC

Appeals before CEGAT - application for early hearing - reg.

596-2001 05-11-2001 390/254/2001-JC.

Requirement of filing cross objection in CEGAT and of sending comments to the DR by the concerned Commissioners in cases involving law points or revenue of more than Rs. 20 lakhs.

595-2001 05-11-2001 220/01/99-CX.6

Central Excise Computerisation –Instructions for discontinuing manual reports – Regarding

594-2001 19-10-2001 201/12/2001-CX.6
Central Excise - Conversion of Registration Number of existing registrants into PAN-based Registration Number - Instructions Regarding -
593-2001 19-10-2001 201/12/2001-CX.6
Central Excise – New process of registration including new Form of Application and registration certificate
592-2001 19-10-2001 208/32/2001-CX.6
Central Excise -Instructions relating to Adjudication in the Central Excise Manual - Regarding
591-2001 16-10-2001 267/58/2001-CX-8

Recovery of ‘amounts’ which are not duty paid under the provisions of rule 6 of the CENVAT Credit Rules, 2001 (Rule 57CC of the erstwhile Central Excise Rules, 1944)-clarification regarding.

590-2001 15-10-2001 93/2/2001-CX.3

Classification of "Printing Ink Medium" under sub-heading No. 3215.00 or 3208.90 or Sub-heading No. 3909.59 – regarding.

589/2001 25-09-2001 14/1/95-CX.I

Recovery of Central Excise duty on account of fixation of ex-factory prices of levy sugar for 1974-75 to 1979-80 sugar seasons.

588/2001 19-09-2001 4/1/2001-CX.1

Retrospective validation of action taken under Section 11A of Central Excise Act, 1944, under Finance Act, 2000.

587/2001 17-09-2001 134/7/2001-CX.4

Classification/excisability of slagwool, rockwool and similar mineral wool - Regarding.

586-2001 12-09-2001 201/10/2001-CX.6

Central Excise Manual – Latest important instructions contained therein

585/2001 10-09-2001 13/05/2001-CX.I

Central Excise- Classification of Gulab Jamun whether under Chapter 4.19 or 21 of Central Excise Tariff.

584/2001 07-09-2001 139/12/99-CX.4

Whether slitting of HR/CR coils of iron and steel sheets into strips would amount to manufacture – Regarding 

583-2001 20-08-2001 151/18/96-CX.4

Central Excise - Excisability and classification of Cable Jointing Kits - Clarification regarding.

582-2001 09-07-2001 209/19/2001-CX 6

Notification No. 42/2001-CE(NT) dated 26.6.2001-procedure to be followed for export of excisable goods-reg

581-2001 29-06-2001 209/16/2001-CX.6

Central Excise- Export Warehousing -Specifying conditions, procedures, class of exporters and places under sub-rule (2) of rule 20 of Central Excise (No.2) Rules, 2001 read with Notification No. 46/2001-Central Excise(N.T.) dated 26th June, 2001.

580-2001 29-06-2001 206/ 16/2000-CX.6

Planning of Internal Audit for covering in this financial year all units paying duty Rs. One crores and above by EA-2000 – Reduced frequency and selective audit for other units – Instructions regarding –

579-2001 26-06-2001 261/27/2001-CX.8

Procedure governing the movement of goods to which warehousing provisions have been extended – Regarding

578-2001 20-06-2001 390/57/2000-JC

Dispute between the Department and PSU - COD clearance - Requirement of - Reg.

577-2001 11-06-2001 93/4/98-CX.3

Central Excise - Excisability of plastic plaiting material (PPM) used for manufacture of plastic mats/satranjis – regarding.

576-2001 16-05-2001 102/1/2000-CX-3

Labeling or re-labeling of containers.

575-2001 18-05-2001 240/49/2000-CX 7

Consolidation of Reports/Returns sent to PAC Section of the Board & forwarding of list of pending Paras – regarding.

574-2001 12-04-2001 104/1/2001-CX.3

Classification of mixture of hydrocarbons – Fluoron-11 and Fluoron -12 – regarding

573-2001 19-03-2001 385/979-1021/88-AU

Interpretation of Heading 21 of the second schedule of the Customs Tariff Act, 1975 — Scope and meaning of the term ‘Animal Feed’ —Question req.

572-2001 22-02-2001 201/20/2000-CX.6

Central Excise & Customs – Disposal of refund/rebate claims where application is pending at appellate level – Instructions – Regarding.

571-2001 22-02-2001 201/28/2000-CX.6

Central Excise – Action for ensuring timely payment of dues under Fortnightly Payment System and also immediate action for recoveries in cases of defaults – Instructions regarding -

570-2001 16/02/2001 139/7/2000-CX.4

CE – Whether drawing of wire from wire rod amounts to manufacture under section 2(f) of Central Excise Act, 1944.

569-2001 09/02/2001 204/01/96-CX.6

Pass-Out System – Special Procedure for clearance of the liquid gases - Regarding

568-2001 05-02-2001 201/01/2001-CX.6

Central Excise - Amendment of Central Excise Rules, 1944 for dispensing with pre-Budget Day and Budget Day restrictions - Other instructions regarding Budget Day -

567-2001 22-01-2001 390/109/2000-JC

Pendency of court cases – Observations of the Commission on Review of Administrative Laws – Regarding – Reference from Ministry of Law, Justice & Company Affairs.

566-2001 22-01-2001 59/4/2000-CX.1

Imposition of Additional Excise Duty (under goods of Special Importance Act, 1957) on tyre cord fabrics falling under Chapter 59.02 – Clarification – Regarding.




Central Excise – Notification No.1/2001-Central Excise (N.T.) dated 11th January, 2001 amending provisions relating to Payment of duty on fortnightly basis - Regarding

564-2001 04-01-2001 390/307/2000-JC

Determination of the amount for which demands are made and payment of court fees accordingly – Question regarding