Notifications (2001-2002) DGFT Public Notices || DGFT Notifications || DGFT Policy/SALC Circulars || Customs Circulars-2001 || Customs (Notifications Tariff)-2001 || Customs Notifications (Non Tarif)-2001 

Notification No Date Subject
Not-50 22.3.2002 Export of Onion - release of quota
Not-49 5.3.2002

Removal of Export restrictions of various Agricultural products

Not-48 13.2.2002

Export of Onion ( Release of Quota)

Not-47 12.2.2002

Export of low silica Amendment regarding

Not-46 28.1.2002

Extension in data of shipment for the export of Onion

Not-45 18.1.2002

Physical export criteria for recognition of Manufacturing houses/ Industrial houses/ companies/ project exporters and domestic service providers as status holders.

Not-44 24.12.2001

Release  of Quata for the export of Onion

Not-43 24.12.2001

Export of Niger Seeds

Not-42 21.12.2001 Extends the deemed export benefits to supply of goods to nuclear power projects through competitive bidding as opposed to international competitive bidding
Not-41 19.12.2001 Import of Natural Rubber permitted only through port of Kolkata and Vishakhapatnam
Not-40 5.12.2001

Extension in shipment period for onion exports

Not-39 22.11.2001 All Industry rate of duty drawback for Bulk Tea
Not-38 16.11.2001 Soft Cotton waste/Hard Cotton waste is freely allowed
Not-37 2.11.2001 Import of spares under EPCG; Policy amendments in EOU/EPZ/STP/SEZ etc
Not-36 19.10.2001 Shipment period for Export of Onion extended upto 31.10.2001
Not-35 15.10.2001

Amendments in the ITC(HS) Classifications of Export and Import Items

Not-34 15.10.2001

Amendments in the ITC(HS) Classifications of Export and Import Items

Not-33 12.10.2001

All Industry rate of duty drawback of Rs.850/- per M.T. for furnance oil supplied by domestic oil companies to EOU/EPZs under deemed export scheme

Not-32 12.10.2001

50,000  Metric Tonnes of onions is allowed for export

Not-31 14.9.2001

Import of vehicles-modification of conditions

Not-30 13.9.2001

Export Onion time limit extended upto-30.9.2001

Not-29 11.9.2001

Export of Onion allowed upto 30.9.2001

Not-28 10.9.2001

Export of Tea, Cotton Linters and Peacock Tail Feathers

Not-27 7.9.2001

Import of Plants and parts of plants (including seeds and fruits)

Not-26 3.9.2001

Conditions regarding registration of foreign manufacturer/exporter with BIS), shall not be applicable on imports of gifts

Not-25 24.8.2001 Import of valves/valve fittings used  in the cylinders for  CNG Kits for automobiles
Not-24 14.8.2001 Import of Whale shark (Rhincodon typus) and parts and products of this species shall be restricted
Not-23 1.8.2001 Amendments in EPCG and Diamond REP Policy
Not-22 30.7.2001

Conditions on Import of Food Products 

Not-21 30.7.2001 Import of Meat Products-Conditions regarding
Not-20 27.7.2001 Export Of Onoions
Not-19 2.7.2001 Changes in Export Policy related to powder milk (skimmed or full cream),ghee, and other milk products.
Not-18 2.7.2001 Export Restriction on Raw Cotton Deleted
Not-17 27.6.2001

ITC (HS) Classification

Not-16 26.6.2001

Another 50,000  Metric Tonnes of onions is allowed for export

Not-15 21.6.2001 Import of CNG Kits not subjected to BIS Standards
Not-14 28.5.2001 All Industry rate of drawback of Rs.780/- per M.T. for furnace oil supplied by domestic oil companies to EOU/EPZs under deemed export scheme
Not-13 21.5.2001 Restriction on Imports of Specified Goods Withdrawn
Not-12 8.5.2001 Import of Edible oils allowed from more Ports 
Not-11 2.5.2001 Imports of Specified Goods through Specified Ports/ICDs
Not-10 25.4.2001 1,50,000 Metric Tons of onions is allowed for export before 30.6.2001
Not-9 31.3.2001 Amendment to Notification No. 14( RE-2000)/1997-2002 dated 8th May, 2000
Not-8 31.3.2001 Canalised in exim policy amended to read as " State Trading Enterprise's) for specified items.
Not-7 31.3.2001 Import of all such items which were earlier allowed against surrender of SIL and not included in Notification No. 2 dated 31.03.2001, shall be restricted. And BIS standards for mineral water
Not-6 31.3.2001 ITC(hs) Policy for some copper and Nickel items
Not-5 31.3.2001 Import of alcoholic beverages shall be subject to compliance of various mandatory requirements as stipulated by various State Governments
Not-4 31.3.2001 Special conditions governing import of of second hand vehicles.
Not-3 31.3.2001 Special conditions governing import of of meat and poultry products, primary agricultural products, tea waste and textile and textile articles
Not-2 31.3.2001 List of 715 freed items removed from quantitative restrictions.
Not-1 31.3.2001 Formal announcement of Export Import Policy vol-I