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ieport - DGFT Circulars (2015-2021)


Year Notification No Date Subject
2020-21 Circular-36 7.12.2020 Providing documents sought by investigating agencies like CBI, ED, DRI etc.
Circular-35 23.4.2020 Procedural details pursuant to Notification No. 57/2015-20 dated 31.03.2020 and Public Notice 67/2015-20 dated 31.03.2020- Extensions in Import Validity period and Export obligation period in Advance authorizations/DFIA.
2019-20 Circular-34 20.3.2020 Clarification on Export of API/Formulations (Restricted) under Advance Licence
Circular-33 20.3.2020 Clarification on Notification No. 50/2015-20 dated 03.03.2020
Circular-32 20.3.2020 Institution and/or continuation of proceedings under Foreign Trade (Development & Regulations) Act, 1992 and Rules thereunder against companies/firms against whom proceedings have been instituted in the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016. (ECA Circular)
Circular-31 26.2.2020 Relief in Average Export Obligation in terms of Para 5.19 of Hand Book of Procedures of Foreign Trade Policy, 2015-20
Circular-30 8.1.2020 Clarification on SIMS Registration for SEZ/DTA
Circular-29 4.10.2019 Clarification on Notification No.17 dated 05.09.2019 (Steel Import Monitoring System)
Circular-28 27.9.2019 Value Addition Norms for availing duty exemption in Gem and Jewellery
Circular-27 26.7.2019 Order of the High Court, Hyderabad in W.P. No. 34771/2014 in respect of item at EXIM Code 1005 Maize (Corn). 26/07/2019
Circular-26 12.7.2019 Action for recovery of Penalty, Pending Appeals/Reviews (ECA Circular)
Circular-25 1.7.2019 Clarification on Jurisdictional RA/RA concerned for SEIS-Para 3.06 (c) of Handbook of Procedures
Circular-24 15.5.2019 Administrative Review of Adjudication Orders passed by subordinate officers - regarding.(ECA Circular)
Circular-23 15.5.2019 Non-requirement of submission of Hard copy of application at RAs for issue of Advance Authorisation (AA) & EPCG Authorisation
2018-19 Circular-22 29.3.2019 EPCG Scheme - Applicability of amendment to para 5.10 (c) of Hand Book of Procedures 2015-20 (Mid-Terms Review)
Circular-21 11.3.2019 Discontinuation of physical copy of Advanced/EPCG Authorisation - Procurement from SEZs
Circular-20 22.2.2019 Clarification on eligibility of Exports made from SEZ/EOU units on behalf of the DTA units, but not through DTA units
Circular-19 14.2.2019 Discontinuation of physical copy of Advance /EPCG Authorisations issued from 01.03.2019 onwards, for EDI ports
Circular-18 31.1.2019 Relief in Average Export Obligation in terms of Para 5.19 of Hand Book of Procedures of FTP 2015-20
Circular-17 14.1.2019 Additional extension of six months in the Export Obligation Period (EOP) (beyond permissible extension period in Para 4.42 of the HBP) to advance authorizations issued upto 30.06.2016 involving import of Raw cashew (SION E S) relaxation of Policy/ Procedure.
Circular-16 9.1.2019 Guidelines to RAs for following Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for EODC monitoring of both Advance as well as EPCG authorizations using software in website http://eodc.online - Reg.
Circular-15 4.1.2019 Clarification in respect of “not permitting” the import of the capital goods required for “distribution of electrical energy (power)” under the EPCG Scheme.
Circular-14 27.12.2018 Preparation of Minutes of Norms Committees (NCs).
Circular-13 5.10.2018 Eligibility of firms providing educational services to NRI students under SEIS 05/10/2018
Circular-12 28.8.2018 Policy Circular 5(2013)/2009-14 dated 14.08.2013 regarding norms for Spices under Advance Authorization- validity thereof
Circular-11 23.7.2018 Grant of Deemed Export benefits for supplies to the projects funded by Organizations such as JICA etc. under para 8.2(d) of the Foreign Trade Policy, 2009-14.
Circular-10 13.7.2018 Accountability of inputs where Advance Authorizations are issued om net to basis for parts/components - reg
Circular-09 9.7.2018 Clarification on acceptance of any copy of Shipping Bill in lieu of EP copy of Shipping Bill for grant of EODC of Advance Authorisation.
Circular-08 21.6.2018 Clarification of SEIS benefits to Steamer Agents, etc.
Circular-07 23.5.2018 Clarification on the term `Duty` under Sl.No.3 of Appendix-3A of Foreign Trade Policy 2015-2020.
Circular-06 22.5.2018 Service Providers (and not Ports) are eligible for SFIS/SFIS benefit. 22/05/2018
Circular-05 4.4.2018 Clarification regarding export policy of Roasted Gram - Remval of packing restriction. 04/04/2018
2017-18 Circular-04 26.2.2018 Clarification regarding export policy of onions - Removal of Minimum Export Price (MEP) and Letter of Credit (LC). 26/02/2018
Circular-03 21.11.2017 Relief in Average Export Obligation in terms of Para 5.19 of Hand Book of Procedures of FTP 2015-20 21/11/2017
Circular-02 14.11.2017 Order of the High Court, Hyderabad in W.P. No.34771/2014 in respect of item at EXIM Code 1005 Maize (Corn) 14/11/2017
2016-17 Circular-02 15.9.2016 Issuance of Free Sale & Commerce Certificate to Merchant Exporters-reg. 15/09/2016
Circular-01 26.7.2016 Relief in Average Export Obligation in terms of Para 5.19 of Hand Book of Procedures of FTP 2015-20.
2015-16 Circular-04 16.12.2015 Relief in Average Export Obligation in terms of Para 5.19 of Hand Book of Procedures of FTP 2015-20.
Circular-03 2.9.2015 Applicability of Para 5.10(d) of Handbook of Procedure, 2015-20 relating to third party exports under EPCG Scheme
Circular-02 16.6.2015 Clarification regarding clearance of goods after expiry of Nominated Agency Certificate.
Circular-01 11.6.2015 Supply of a `service` by units located in DTA to SEZ unit-ineligible for rewards under SEIS