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Circular No. 2/98-Cus.
dated 5/1/98
[F.No. 481/ 52/ 97- LC]
Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Revenue, New Delhi
Subject :    Requirement of additional staff at Customs Airports / Air Cargo Complexes etc.

        The Board is receiving a number of requests from the trade from time to time for allowing loading/ unloading of additional items at various customs airports or for creation of more Airports, Air Cargo Complexes (ACC) or Foreign Post Offices (FPC) in the country. One of the factors relevant to take a decision on the subject is the availability of staff to meet the increased load. It is, however, observed that in most of the cases the concerned Commissioners agreed to provide the additional facility, subject to sanction of additional staff.

2.    You would be aware that there is a ban on the creation of fresh posts and as such it is normally not possible to approach the Cabinet every time for relaxation or the above ban. It is also not proper to deny this facility to the trade simply on the ground of non-availability of staff to handle the additional work in view of the increasing emphasis to provide customs facilities closer to the areas of operation of the trade and Industry. It has, therefore, been decided to follow the following procedure to resolve the problem :-

    i)    On creation of a new facility at the Airport/ ACC/ FPO, the concerned Commissioner of Customs/ Central Excise should take up the matter with the user party / agency to bear the cost of the customs staff to be deployed for the Job, on cost recovery basis.

    ii)    In case the concerned agency does not agree to bear the cost of manpower and Commissioner is satisfied that it is not desirable or possible to make the user party/ agency to bear such cost, diversion of staff from within the Commissioner ate be examined.

    iii)    In the event where both the above options are not possible the concerned Chief Commissioner be approached to consider overall manpower planning taking note of new opportunities, further growth area and propose re-deployment or restructuring within the total existing man-power to see if the staff required can be made available by transfer within the common cadre or by surrendering posts at any other level. The Chief Commissioner will then send a comprehensive proposal to the Administration Wing of the Board to seek the appropriate approval.

3.    All pending requests may be delt with accordingly.
(K. Chopra)
Under Secretary to the Govt. of India