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LIST 1(See S.No. 25 of the Table )

(1) 120 MW Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant at Basin Bridge, Chennai, of Tamil Nadu Electricity Board;

(2) 20 MW Power Plant of Ms Nagarjuna Electric Generating Company at Patancheru, Medak Distric, Andhra Pradesh

(3) 515 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant at Hazira, Gujarat of Ms Essar Power Limited;

(4) 167 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant at Vadodara of Ms Gujarat Industries Power Corporation Limited;

(5) 48 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant at Sancoale village, Mormugao District, Goa, of Ms Reliance Salgaoncar Company Limited;


(6) 220 MW Barge Mounted Power Plant at Mangalore of Ms Tanir Bavi Power Company Private Limited, Bangalore;

(7) 165 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant at Eloor, District Ernakulam, Kerala of Ms BSES Kerala Power Limited.

LIST 2 (See S. Nos. 47 ,48 and 57 of the Table)

(1) Streptomycin

(2) Isoniazid

(3) Thiacetazone

(4) Ethambutol

(5) Sodium PAS

(6) Pyrazinamide

(7) Dapsone

(8) Clofazamine

(9) Tetracycline Hydrochloride

(10) Pilocarpine

(11) Hydrocortisone

(12) Idoxuridine

(13) Acetazolamide

(14) Atropine

(15) Homatropin

(16) Chloroquine

(17) Amodiaquine

(18) Quinine

(19) Pyrimethamine

(20) Sulfamethopyrezine

(21) Diethyl Carbamazine

(22) Arteether or formulation of artemisinin.

LIST 3 (See S. No. 48 of the Table )

(1) Meta Aminophenol

(2) Para Nitrochlorobenzene (PNCB)

(3) Picolines

(4) Novaldiamine

(5) Ethoxy methylene diethyl-malonate

(6) Hydrazine Hydrate

(7) DL-2 Amino-1 butanol

(8) Guanidine Nitrate

(9) Citric Acid

(10) 4,7-DCQ (Dichloroquinoline)

(11) N-methyl Piperazine

(12) D-2-Aminobutanol (O-Aminobutanol)

(13) Diethyl Carbamyl Chloride

(14) 4-Cyanopyridine

(15) Isonicotinic acid

(16) Thiosemicarbazide

(17) 1-Nitropropane

(18) 4-Amino-4 Nitrodiphenyl sulphide

(19) N-(4-Chlorophenyl)-O-Phenylene diamine

(20) 5-Iodouracil

(21) 1-Acetyl-5-Iodouracil

(22) 2-Amino-5-Mercapto-1,2,4-Thiadiazole

(23) 2-Amino-5-Amino-Sulfomyl-1,3,4-Thiadiazole

(24) 2-Acetylamino-5-Mercapto-1,3,4-Thiadiazole

(25) Tetra Urea Complex.

LIST 4 (See S.No. 54 of the Table)

(1) Didanosine

(2) Efavirenz

(3) Indinavir

(4) Insulin

(5) Lamivudine

(6) Nelfinavir

(7) Nevirapine

(8) Ritonavir

(9) Saquinavir

(10) Stavudine

(11) Zidovudine

LIST 5 (See S. No. 191 of the Table )

(1) Coconut husk crusher

(2) Coconut husk defibering mill

(3) Sifter or Siever (for separating coir fibre from pith)

(4) Turbo cleaner (for cleaning the fibre)

(5) Bailing press


(6) Willowing machine (for cleaning and preparing fibre for spinning)

(7) Motorised Spinning Ratts.

List 6 (See S.No. 193 of the Table)

(1) Yarn/Fabric mercerising machine

(2) Continuous bleaching plant

(3) Fabric dyeing machine complete with dye kitchen & accessories

(4) Wet fabric spreading and squeezing machine

(5) Relax drum/conveyer drying machine

(i) Drying range

(ii) Float dryer

(iii) Loop dryer

(iv) Drum dryer

(v) Jet dryer

(vi) Rapid dryer

(6) Compacting Machine

(7) HTHP Hosiery yarn dyeing machine complete with dye kitchen and accessories

(8) Soft package winders (dye package winders)

(9) Automatic dye weighing and dispensing machine

(10) Open width Tubular inspection machine

(11) Fastness testing equipment

(12) Shrinkage testing equipment

(13) Indigo dyeing range with/without sizing plant

(14) Computer colour matching equipment

(15) High speed computer control padding mangle

(16) Powder dot coating machine

(17) Laser engraver

(18) Pre-shrinking range for flat and Knitted goods

(19) Knit-tubular mercerising or bleaching-cum-mercerising machine

(20) Auto flame controlled, width controlled singeing machine for flat and Knitted fabrics

(21) Milling and scouring machine

(22) Shearing and Polishing machine

(23) Kier Decatising/Decatising machine

(24) Combined Contripress/ Decatising machine

(25) Auto fabric detwister

(26)Rotary/Flat bed screen printing machine

(27)Curing/Polymerising machine

(28) Continuous rope/open width washing machine

List 7 (See S. No. 195 of the Table)

(1) Automatic reeling machinery for reeling of silk consisting of continuous hot air drier(conveyer type), continuous cocoon boiling machine(conveyer type) and automatic reeling machine with re-reeling

(2) Silk weaving and twisting machines consisting of hank-to-bobbin cone winders, silk doubling machine, two-for-one/ three-for-one twisters, vacuum autoclave and rewinding machine for bobbin to hank and Electronic jacquard weft knitting machine

(3) Arm dyeing machine for hank degumming dyeing

(4) Hank dryers (continuous type)

(5) Silk felt calender

(6) Clip stenter

(7) Silk calender

(8) Silk decasting machine

(9) Overflow machine for silk fabric dyeing


(10) Cone-chees degumming and dyeing machine

(11) Beam dyeing machine for silk fabric

(12) Semi-automatic screen printing machine

(13) Loop agers

(14) Design studio equipment

(15) Colour kitchen equipment

(16) Colour matching computer

LIST 8 (See S.No. 196 of the Table )

(1) Gas Compressor, all types

(2) Flywheel and pulley

(3) Truck refrigeration unit

(4) Walk-in-coolers/walk-in-freezer

(5) Condensing unit

(6) Evaporator

(7) Oil separator

(8) Receiver

(9) Purger

(10) Air cooling unit/ air handling unit, all types

(11) Evaporator coil, all types

(12) Plate freezer

(13) Blast freezer

(14) IQF freezer

(15) Cooling tower

(16) Condensor-atmospheric/shell and tube/ evaporative

(17) Valves and fittings

(18) mobile pre-cooling equipment

(19) stationary pre-cooling equipment

(20)control equipment for control atmosphere/modified atmosphere cold storage

LIST 9 ( See S. No. 237 of the Table )

(1) Flat plate solar collector

(2) Black continuously plated solar selective coating sheets (in cut length or in coil) and fins and tubes

(3) Concentrating and pipe type solar collector

(4) Solar cooker

(5) Solar water heater and system

(6) Solar air heating system

(7) Solar low pressure steam system

(8) Solar stills and desalination system

(9) Solar pump based on solar thermal and solar photovoltaic conversion

(10) Solar power generating system

(11) Solar photovoltaic module and panel for water pumping and other applications

(12) Solar crop drier and system

(13) Wind operated electricity generator, its components and parts thereof

(14) Water pumping wind mill, wind aero-generator and battery charger

(15) Bio-gas plant and bio-gas engine

(16) Agricultural, forestry, agro-industrial, industrial, municipal and urban waste conversion device producing energy

(17) Equipment for utilising ocean waves energy

(18) Solar lantern

(19) Ocean thermal energy conversion system

(20) Solar photovoltaic cell

(21) Parts consumed within the factory of production of such parts for the manufacture of goods specified at S.Nos. 1 to 20 above.

T. R. Rustagi
Joint Secretary to the Government of India